Inventors, entrepreneurs, and leaders of small nonprofits—how do they differ and how are they alike?  On the surface, these three may seem disparate, but they do indeed share at least one common denominator—the need for innovative ways to attain and maintain stability. We understand the commonalities and differences and work with inventors, entrepreneurs and managers of small nonprofits to accelerate start-up and ensure ongoing success.
  • Advise diverse clients spanning academic leaders, entrepreneurs/founders, and non-profit leaders, with a focus on developing and integrating early-stage technologies into products and business models for ecosystem and entrepreneurial advancement
  • Assess market viability and collaborate with inventors and entrepreneurs to develop business cases, analyze market conditions, create growth and acceleration strategies, and build relationships with investors
  • Guide technology companies in business strategies that to date have resulted in more than $9M in early-stage financing through equity investments and grants
At CIE Partners, our focus is always long-term.  We do what’s right for our clients,  a practice that pays long-term dividends to everyone involved.
When you are successful, we are successful.  That’s CIE Partners.