Is your nonprofit organization struggling to establish financial security, to fund worthy programs or just to stay afloat?

Nonprofits play a crucial role in our community by delivering essential services and improving life for numerous individuals and families.  They often struggle, however, to balance the demands of service delivery, run the day-to-day operation, and make certain that there is a viable revenue stream.  It is very difficult for nonprofit leaders to be able to focus on building and maintaining stability, which is critical for an organization to continue to exist. We can shoulder some of the burdens that nonprofits continually face by offering assistance in:
  • Feasibility Planning
  • Needs Assessment
  • Local Resource Assistance
  • Educational Workshops
  • Funding Development (Grants and Contracts)
  • Grant and Project Management
We can help you to plan, locate funding opportunities, train your staff to write fundable grant proposals and apply for contracts, or write those grant and contract applications and proposals for you.  We can also assist in project management—whatever it takes to get the job done for your organization.
CIE Partners wants to join with you in making a difference in our community.